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Stressed employees get less done and take more sick days - LJM Therapies is on a mission to change that. We believe that corporate massage, holistic massage and wellbeing practices such as guided meditation create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Massage and other wellness treatments are the perfect tool to tackle stress, burnout, low morale and injury.

A package can be created tailored to your exact needs, whether that is as simple as a series of quick massages to relieve stiff necks and tension, or a more elaborate wellness day with guided meditations and a variety of treatments.

To make booking easier, we charge a set rate for all treatments, charged by the day or half day, so it’s easy to budget (appropriate therapist breaks will be factored in and not charged for).
Increase employee productivity, loyalty and retention with regular office massage days. Contact me now to discuss your needs.

Prices start at just £325 for a half day package with 2 therapists, giving approximately 15 20-minute sessions. 

Get in touch to start building the perfect package for you.

£325.00 per half day

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