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Massage Therapy and holistic treatments in Liverpool

Based in Liverpool, I offer professional massage therapy, aromatherapy and sports massage, plus shamanic energy healing, non-surgical facelift massage and holistic facials - either for individuals or companies. Treatments from LJM Therapies will relieve muscle tension and improve circulation, leaving you relaxed ...

Energy Healing

I provide Shamanic Energy Healing, which is a beautiful healing modality. It can help with:

Removal of energy blockages

Realignment of Chakras

Pain relief/removal of pain

Grounding and mental clarity

Connection to your intuition, inner guidance and creativity

Healing emotional traumas stuck in the body's cells ...



This is a delayed review but I was so happy and amazed by the 3 massages I received by LJM. I had them booked in prior to going back to work after...  Read more
Sep 21, 2023
Marcelle Jones
My pregnancy massage was amazing feel brand new. Highly Recommend 
Aug 7, 2023
Jodie Nolan
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