It depends on a few things. How much pain do you have, and how long have you had it? If you have pain that's impacting your day-to-day life, and you've had it for a while (more than a few months), you'll need a full assessment and then probably 2-3 weekly treatments - this gives time in between the initial treatments for the body to recover and settle, but allows us to build on your progress - at which point most people will be ready to move to a maintenance programme (monthly - 6-weekly sessions).

If you're training for a sporting event, or a busy gym-goer, monthly treatments may be fine - always discuss your training schedule with your therapist.

If you have an acute injury, your therapist will need to create an individualised care plan.

We don't usually recommend sports massage more than once a week, as the muscles need time to recover and settle.

Ideally, wear or bring loose shorts and a close fitting top for your massage assessment. 

I cover the Liverpool region, including Sefton, Knowsley and parts of Maghull - if you're unsure if I cover your area, just get in touch!

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